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We provide innovative labelling automation solutions for various industries and companies.

About Loftware platform

Loftware is an advanced label management platform that enables companies to automate and optimize their labelling processes worldwide.

With extensive integration capabilities, Loftware integrates with existing ERP, SCM and MES systems to ensure data consistency and increase operational efficiency. The platform offers advanced label design tools, enabling easy creation and management of labels in accordance with industry requirements and regulations. Loftware also provides workflow control, enabling real-time monitoring, approval and tracking of label changes, helping to improve the accuracy and reliability of the labelling process.

About us

eAutomation team specialises in the implementation of the Loftware platform in production facilities. Our solutions enable the digital transformation of the printing process, allowing companies to gain greater control over production and efficiency in managing product labelling. As a long-standing partner of the Loftware Partner Program, elcaro uses the latest tools of the Loftware platform to support companies in various areas. We offer assistance in designing print and labelling process automation, integration with databases and business systems, as well as process reporting and auditing. Additionally, we provide an Operator and Author panel, guaranteeing comprehensive service and support for customers in the manufacturing industry.

On adaptability to different industries

Loftware's integrated platform, whether for labelling, graphics management or both, enables customers to meet unique regulatory requirements, reduce risk, simplify processes, ensure traceability, reduce time-to-market and optimize costs. Our solution serves all industries around the world, adapting to each customer's individual needs and meeting local and national regulations to respond quickly and efficiently to changing requirements.



For businesses

Cloud allows you to design and store your labels in one place. It also makes it easy to automate the label printing process.

  • Process integration with key business systems enables a more efficient labelling process.
  • Easy label design on any computer anywhere
  • Benefits from one of the most secure cloud platforms available on the market, based on Microsoft Azure.
  • Integration of labelling with product data
  • Easy scale-up of printing across the company
  • Configuration of effective user interfaces for printing labels for print operators.
  • Standardisation of labelling processes across the supply chain.
  • Subscription payment and lower total cost of acquisition
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For smaller companies operating in one location

Start designing and printing barcode labels easily.

  • Create labels in minutes, without programming or advanced computer skills
  • Reduce costs and simplify labelling with intelligent and versatile templates
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Benefits of the solution

Increasing printing productivity and accuracy

The Loftware solution has the advantage of increasing label printing productivity and accuracy. With advanced design tools and automation of the printing process, companies can generate labels faster and more accurately, resulting in operational efficiency and minimizing errors.

Reducing errors

With a verification system and label validation capabilities, users can eliminate potential errors in the label design and printing process. This translates into improved accuracy and reliability in product identification and minimized risks associated with incorrect labels.

Saving production time

By automating the solution, the team can save time by allowing the label printing process to be set up quickly and easily on the production line with the push of a button. This eliminates the need for manual setup and monitoring, leading to increased productivity.

Data integration

The Loftware platform enables efficient integration of product data with the database and existing label templates, resulting in a flexible printing process. This integration allows labels to be dynamically adapted to changing product data, eliminating the need for manual modifications to templates, which in turn speeds up the label design process and minimizes the risk of human error.

Reducing production and delivery delays

Optimizing the labelling process enables the company to prepare labels faster and avoid delays associated with their preparation, resulting in more efficient production and on-time delivery.

Simplifying label design

Simplifying label design is one of the key advantages of the Loftware solution. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use design software, users can quickly create professional label templates without advanced technical skills. This saves time and resources while ensuring high quality label designs.

Reducing quality control costs

The Loftware solution has the advantage of reducing quality control costs by automating the labelling process. As a result, the company can monitor and manage label quality more effectively, which translates into reduced financial expenses for inspection and elimination of errors.

Increasing the quality of labelling

Advanced features and precise label design provide companies with consistency and clarity in labelling their products. This avoids identification errors and improves brand image through aesthetically pleasing and professional labels.

Everything in one place

Cloud makes it possible to consolidate all label templates, graphics and solutions in one central location. This makes them easy to access from any computer, increasing efficiency and facilitating collaboration between users.

Implementation Stages

Case Studies


Labelling Process Transformation at Selena

From label design to print – Loftware NiceLabel offers everything you need to manage your labelling process, in one, easy-to-use system. Designed for rapid deployments at one site or across multiple locations, it is an ideal solution for any businesses.Check out the benefits of implementing the platform at Selena.


Labelling Process Transformation at Bahlsen

Bahlsen has taken on the challenge of transforming its labelling process to meet growing market needs and customer expectations. With modern solutions based on the Loftware Cloud platform, Bahlsen has revolutionized its labelling systems, ensuring full control, consistency and efficiency in production. Check out the benefits of the automation process at Bahlsen.

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